Darbhanga Fort

Darbhanga Fort is also called Ram Bagh Fort, because it is situated in Rambagh Palace inside the fort. Rambagh campus is surrounded by walls and spreads in about 85 acres of land. But when the construction of the fort was completed on three sides and the wall of the western part was being constructed that India got independence from the British rule.

Shyama Mai Temple

Shyama Temple is just one KM west of Darbhanga Railway Station. It is situated in the picturesque and peerless Lalit Narayan Mithila University.

Manokamna Temple

Manokamana Temple is situated in the University Campus just beside Nargauna Palace. This temple has constructed with the Marvel.

Kankali Temple

Kankali temple is two km north west of Darbhanga Railway station in the premises of Qila of Darbhanga Mahraj.

Malechchhed Mardani Temple

Malechchhed Mardini temple is one km south west of Darbhanga Railway station. It is temple of the Godden who destroy the faints.

Masjid At Darbhanga Tower

It is situated at two km west from the Darbhanga Railway Station and just neat at Darbhanga Tower. It is the most attractive and religious place for the Islam religion.

Bhikha Salami Majar

Bhika Salami Majar is situated on the bank of Gangasagar pond. During the 12th and 16th day of the holy month of Ramzan a fair is organized adding to the attraction of the place.

Maharaja Lakshiswar Museum

Maharaja Laxmiswar Singh Museum was established on 16th September 1977. It is situated just west south of Darbhanga Railway Station.

Makranda Village

It is situated at two km northwest from Darbhanga Railway Station and just between the both universities.

Ahilya Asthan

Ahalya Sthan (also called Ahilya Sthan or Ahilya Asthan) is a Hindu temple located at Ahiyari South in the city of Darbhanga, State of Bihar, India. The temple is dedicated to Ahalya.

Catholic Church

It was old type of Baungla Church established in 1891 where training is to given to Christen Pandit.. It is just situated one km north form the Darbhanga Railway Station.

Chandradhari Museum

Chandradhari Museum which was established by the state government in 1957, It is situated at Darbhanga in Bihar, Originally situated on the eastern bank of Mansarowar Lake, The museum was shifted to the present double-storied building in 1974.

Dekuli Dham

Dekuli Jagnathpur is a Village in Biraul Block in Darbhanga District of Bihar State, India. It belongs to Darbhanga Division .

Gautam Kund

The village is situated about 8 kms. away from Kamtaul and 19 kms. south east of Jogiara. The village is noted for the Gautam Kund and a temple of Gautam Rishi, which are located very close to it.

Kusheshwar Asthan

It is an important religious place, situated about 16 Kms. east of Singhia and 22 Kms. northeast of Hasanpur Road railway station on the Samastipur, Khagaria Branch line of North Eastern Railway.

Mahinam Mahadeo Sthan

A well-known ancient Shiva temple called Mahinam-Mahadeo-Sthan can be found in the Darbhanga area.

Nawadah Durga-Sthan

It is famous temple of Goddess Durga Located on the Majkora Nawadah Road. The place is visited by hundreds of devotee’s everyday.


The village likes about 13 Kms. west of the block head quarters at Biraul and contains the remains of an ancient fortress associated with Raja Lorick.


The village is situated about 5 Kms. south of Sakri railway station.

Sati Asthan

Sati Asthan is situated in the famous graveyard of Subhankarpur, which is about one km west of Darbhanga Maharaji bridge.


Jainagar (also spelled as Jaynagar) is a town and a notified area of Madhubani district in the Indian state of Bihar.


In 1875, a subdivision for Sitamarhi was created within the Muzaffarpur district.[6] Sitamarhi was detached from the Muzaffarpur district and made a separate district on 11 December 1972.[7] It is situated in the northern part of Bihar.


Janakpurdham or Janakpur is a sub-metropolitan city in Dhanusha District, Madhesh Province, Nepal. The city is a hub for religious and cultural tourism. A headquarter of Dhanusha district,